About Shake Shack

Our Story

When Shake Shack started as a hot dog cart in New York City's Madison Square Park, our mission was simple: raise funds for a public art project. As we grew into a global business, our mission to Stand For Something Good expanded to include taking care of our team, sourcing premium ingredients from like-minded partners, designing our Shacks responsibly and supporting our communities through events, volunteering—and much more.

Since the original Shack opened in 2004, the company has expanded to more than 300 locations, including more than 100 international locations across the Middle East region, London, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Philippines, Singapore, Mexico, Tokyo, Seoul and more. Doing good is in our roots, a part of our DNA since day one. We're still continuing to expand and evolve our mission to Stand For Something Good in everything we do.
Our Values
We’re committed to extending hospitality beyond the four walls of each Shack into the surrounding community. That means carefully sourced premium ingredients from like-minded purveyors; thoughtful, well-crafted and responsible design for our Shacks; and deep community support through events and volunteering.
Our Vision
For our burgers, we choose a proprietary blend of freshly ground, 100% Angus beef. Our burgers, chicken and hot dogs are all free of hormones and antibiotics. Hand-spun daily and creamier than ice cream, our frozen custard is made with cage-free eggs and real sugar— no corn syrup.

Enjoy Our Food